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Got to do something.

I thought I knew what I was doing. Wrong! Assigning sermon texts to expected visiting preachers in order to get some continuity is a task that occasionally falls to someone willing to take on the task. I thought I could help, figuring that seventeen years of consecutive expository ministry experience was a resource that ought to be used. It never occurred to me that having different speakers turns an intended series into a sequence of stand-alone sermons or Bible readings.

I still thought that I knew what I was doing and that all the said visiting preachers had to do was split the text alotted to them in to three parts; exegete; and expound: Right? Well, yes and no! If out of every seven exposition-length texts only three are absolutely suitable for use in a stand-alone sermon it is at least unfair to the visiting preacher. Not to mention the congregation.

So I think I’ve discovered serendipitously that these three suitable passages are generally in the same places in any sequence of seven series-suitable texts. How to test the theory? My intention is to produce a daily sermon for a year, with a view to testing the method to its limit if not to destruction.

Got to do something.

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